• Centurion / Group Training Sessions

    Includes weekly training sessions – 1 per week Reconiscence trip including
    pre–ride of Centurion course plus travel and accomodation (extra charge) to each
    venue two weeks beforehand.

  • Berger Cyclefit Coaching

    provides indoor and outdoor training emphasizing fitness and technical skills
    for riders of all abilities

  • About Mark Berger

    Mark has been a fixture in Canadian cycling for years. He has held national and
    world titles in cycling and has been to the Pan Am games, the Commonwealth games,
    and the Olympics. Mark brings a wealth of cycling experience to Berger Cyclefit Coaching.

Welcome to Berger Cyclefit Coaching

We provide indoor and outdoor training emphasizing fitness and technical skills for riders of all abilities

As a long time road cyclist and endurance athlete (I also compete in master's cross country ski racing and was formerly a provincial duathlon champion) I work primarily with cyclists and triathletes with very diverse goals. From the couch potato who aspires to lose weight or improve their health to Olympic athletes, I am passionate about working with individuals of all abilities to achieve their goals through coaching, training and education.

When I first started competitive cycling at 14 years of age, the sport was still relatively obscure in Canada and coaches were few and far between. I think back to how many years were wasted learning how to train properly simply by trial and error. My passion for the sport and desire to discover exactly how the human body functions under physical stress led me to the study of Kinesiology. While completing my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology in 1985, I gained valuable insight into the science behind structured training programs which I applied to my own training as well as my coaching of the Ontario Cycling Team (both Road and Track).

The one thing I came to realize is that every cyclist and athlete is an individual with unique qualities, so the generic approach of prescribing an exercise program to an entire group simply doesn't yield successful results. Training programs must be specifically geared towards each individual. As an example, while competing internationally for Canada I required very high mileage to maintain my competitive edge while team mates would burn out on only half of that mileage! My goal with BERGER CYCLEFIT COACHING is to expedite the process of gaining both fitness and technical skills for bike riders of all abilities.


I was honoured to have been selected to coach our Canadian Cycling contingent at the recent Maccabiah Games in Israel from July 15 - 31st. The third largest sporting event in the World, these games attract over 9,000 athletes from 62 countries with an opening and closing ceremony on par with the Olympic Games. Over 50,000 spectators jammed Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium to see the opening ceremonies. Taking place over 17 days in locations throughout Israel we were stationed in both Tel Aviv and Haifa for the cycling events. Despite the extreme heat (40+C) and tough courses for both the Time Trial and Road Race our riders came home with 4 gold medals, 3 silvers and 2 bronze including the silver in the overall team challenge! I was so gratified with the results of all of our open, junior, ladies and masters riders as they performed brilliantly under very challenging conditions. They truly made me proud of their accomplishments.

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"As an avid runner but new to road biking, Mark took my cycling to a whole new level. Within 4-5 weeks of working with Mark, I found that my hill climbing and average speed were so much improved that I won my age group in the Horseshoe Valley 100k Centurion. I can now ride comfortably with faster paced riders that I could not have kept up with in the past. Mark is not only highly effective but also very knowledgeable and personable."